Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pet Portraits with Style

Portland, Oregon artist Lisa Hildebrant paints animals with a delightful style that's bold, bright and whimsical. I just adore her new series, "Little Animals", a collection of curious interpretations into the personalities of the four legged kind. When I first saw her work last summer, I knew that I had to have her paint something for me.
“ Contrary to the stereotype of the brooding, inwardly focused artist, I seek genuine connection with others. As you may have guessed, “others” includes animals. I believe every person, and every creature, has a unique and fascinating story to tell. That’s why there is nothing formulaic about my one-of-a-kind Little Animals portraits.”

Her use of color combined with the serious faces and quirky costumes are so charming. I can't wait to see what she will do for the portrait of our long lost family dog, Chance.

Lisa also works with neon. She did a fabulous piece for WeMake's design initiative, Put a Bird In It. It was one of my favorites of the show.

Be sure to check out Lisa's work here and here, she has amazing prices for original art!
 Love it!

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