Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FABULOUS WeMake + Design Week Portland

It's been a little while since I've blogged. I'm sorry...I have been so busy with another project of mine called WeMake. WeMake is an awesome creative platform that helps to foster arts and design in the Portland, OR community and I have to say we do some pretty great stuff.

sketchXchange- We invite guest illustrators in to discuss the process of their work. It's all very raw, no computers, just sketchbooks, sketches and friends. We've been so lucky to have some pretty spectacular guest thus far including: Jolby, Mary Kate McDevitt, Kate Bingaman- Burt, and Mike King to name a few. At the event, each guest illustrator covers the walls with sketches from things they've worked on and participants get a chance to peak into their sketchbooks while their talking. Afterwards everyone swaps sketchbooks. It's very inspiring and fun, and so many great illustrators attend as participants. Our next sketchXchange is with Aaron James Draplin, it should be one hell of a time.

Mary Kate drew on our chalkboard!
sketchXchange with Jolby

WeMake also hosts discovery workshops where guest get a chance to visit craft focused studios and learn about the process they use to create. Participants also get an opportunity to make and take too. So far we've made leather key lanyars and moleskins with Tanner Goods, created bamboo laser cuts with Grove and laptop cases with Portland Garment Factory. Our next workshop is with Magnetic North (Mary Kate McDevittBT Livermore, and Man vs. Ink) and it plans to be packed with lots of goodness!

The last thing WeMake is focused on is a design in action initiative. This year we've asked folks to Put A Bird In It and make birdhouses to benefit the arts and music programs in our local schools. We gave everyone a bag of wood, some glue and a few plans for mid-century designed houses...what we got in return was AMAZING!

As of today we have up to 93 houses accounted for with local, national, and international illustrators, designers, architects and makers contributing. They have not let us down either. Additionally Laika House the makers of  Coraline and ParaNorman,  have stepped on board to created a few haunted ones. WOW! Is all I can say. I am just so proud of Portland, and so happy to be a member of this great design community.

If you live in Portland, I hope you will come out to our auction Friday Night, Oct. 12th, 2012 during Design Week Portland, buy a a wonderful piece of art and help us support our cause. Everyone is invited just sign up via our Facebook page.

Thank you,

More about Design Week Portland
This is the first year for Design Week Portland and I gotta say it's gonna be awesome! Taking place from Oct. 9th-13th with open houses at design studios and businesses across the city, lectures, tours, films, parties and workshops, and of course Wemake's sketchXchange with Aaron Draplin and our Auction. Yay!

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