Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Other Lisa Frank.

I read about a bajillion blogs, filling my brain with everything from cosmetics, graphic design, interior design, travel, sports, politics and sometimes even voodoo witchcraft. I gotta keep things fresh. One of my click-throughs brought me to the photography of Lisa A. Frank. Of course, I was expecting to see this:

But no. I saw something equally brilliant, but with real-life things. (If anyone can find neon cats and photograph them in a glossy brilliance then you are my new BFF/god/spouse).

A little about Lisa A Frank (according to her Facebook page):

"Photographer + Surface Designer // Merging the worlds of nature and technology in pattern form...."

"I make large scale photographs that depict complex patterns derived from nature while referencing traditional wallpaper design. Densely ornamental, my artwork draws upon my textile design background and refers to the interior decoration documents of Britain's Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th century. "

I must have paid attention to art history classes because I immediately thought "19th century Britain" when I saw her portfolio.

The colors found in her photographic patterns are lively without being too blinding (like the other Lisa Frank). She finds a way to incorporate many subdued hues that bring the composition to life. It's unexpected that a multitude of these sometimes-dusty colors can be so, well, colorful. And maybe they're not just colorful in the hue sense, but in the metaphorical sense. Different. Exciting. Varied.

Take a look at a few of my favorite, pulled from this article: Lisa A Frank Photography

These are mondo huge so you can be mondo amazed by them.

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  1. Wow! I was a huge Lisa Frank fan growing up (I had a MASSIVE sticker collection in elementary school). It's so cool to see her work that is completely different than the typical lipstick-unicorn-cat-bubblegum art she's known for!


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