Friday, July 06, 2012

Wonderful World of Wes

Moonrise Kingdom. Have you seen it? If you haven’t, you should. I’m likely preaching to the choir, but I think we can all agree that Wes Anderson can do no wrong. I studied film in school (alongside graphic design) and Mr. Anderson's movies incorporate so many things I learned in both areas. Composition. Dialogue. Character development. Photography.  

So, what I’m not going to do is talk about why I like Wes Anderson. However, what I am going to do, is talk about how much everyone likes him. Every scene in Moonrise Kingdom was pretty close to perfect. There are already swarms of pinboards dedicated to the costuming alone. Not to mention stuff in general that evokes that Wes Anderson feel. 

I’ve seen so much “fan art” (for lack of better word) created for various Wes Anderson movies. It’s all so thoughtful! Tribute pieces are some of the most inspired. I've seen quite a few alternative posters floating around the internet for Moonrise, and I also found some excellent ones for his other films.


This one is a piece for Rushmore. Found here. 
Matt Needle 

Ben Whitesell 
Brandon Schaefer

Found here.

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