Monday, July 30, 2012

Myriad of Olympiad Visuals

Happy Summer Olympics! I know a few people who aren’t too stoked on the Olympics, but I am not one of those few. Those who are medium-stoked might not be too stoked about it being in London. But I’m a huuuuuge anglophile and I am massively stoked about pretty much everything, and the sports fan in me gets excited during any heat of competition. Synchro diving, basketball (duh), uneven bars, you name it. I love it. I know there’s a lot of corporate ickiness that follows the Olympics, too, but you know what? These athletes didn’t work their tails off just so we could sit here and essentially admonish their efforts. So, let’s focus on the positives. Smiley emoticon. Lots of them.

We know that the visual representation of the summer games is important. Visibility is a necessity, and those five rings have never worked harder. I don’t need to point out the obvious (and hilarious) flaws in the official London 2012 logo (google it: But I would like to draw attention to the logo design of summer games past. Because I love logo design and I love sports.

Not a logo, but I'll take an amazing Swedish poster any day. Mycket bra!

I'm sure some people don't like the text shoved between the stars and the ring but I kinda dig it.

Well, duh, it was the Roman games!

Probably the most successful logo in the past decade of the games. I love it.

This. This is forever engrained in my memory. My aunt sold Avon during this time, and Avon had SO MUCH ATLANTA 1996 OLYMPIC SWAG. And I had all of it. Lip balm, shower gel, hats, bags. Everything. 

Dower and delicious as usual. 

If there is something wrong with this logo, don't tell me. I think it's perfect. 

And this is second perfect.

And in case you want a little Jamie Reid in your Olympic cup of tea (and believe me, punk rock + sports = win for me) then maybe buy this. On canvas. On an iPhone case. On anything.

By Alejandro Giraldo

And, let's not forget about the ever-fashionable Stella McCartney and her adidas kits for the British athletes.
Drew Sullivan.

Jessica Ennis.

That's all I got for ya! May the games be forever in your favor.

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