Friday, June 29, 2012

Nailed to History

Happy Friday! Let’s talk about nail polish.

As in, when did all this nail art become so popular? I must have missed something, but it’s all I see. One of my good friends recently became obsessed with nail polish art and she opened my eyes to the world of nail design. Sticker nail polish with houndstooth patterns. Mondrian nails done with a black nail polish pen. Glitter ombre nails with gobs of awesome glitter. So. Many. Nails. Way too much fun. Where have I been?!

My fascination with history led me to research the history of nail polish and it’s a fun and interesting one. Let me recap a post from Refinery 29.

5,000 BC: Indian women dyed their tips with henna.
600 BC: Chinese aristocrats wore snazzy nail guards. Imagine a bedazzled Bugle cracker on all ten fingertips. (How else would you eat Bugles, anyway?)
1920s: Flapper girls knew how to paint their nails. Have you seen that half-moon manicure? It was all their idea.
1930s: First bottle of Revlon nail polish; modeled after car paint. I’d love to match my nails to my navy Golf.
1970s: The birth of the French manicure. Think Pink (Jeff Pink, the founder of Orly (ORLY?) I wonder if he ever intended it to become a French pedicure.
1980s: NEON.
1990s: GOTH.

And that brings us to the 2000s. I’ve been experimenting some, but right now, I’m just trying color inside the lines. Practice makes perfect, but holy moly, check out these tutorials:

Ruffle Manicure
Peter Pan
Hey, Sailor!

And while you’re at it, check out the Pantone Color of the Year set from Sephora.

Nail polish shouldn’t be overlooked. Some may think it’s petty, but it’s just another form of artistic expression. For real. If you've seen the things people can do, it's impressive (just check out Pinterest). Nail polish hold historic value, and the history of most cosmetics is insanely interesting (arsenic powder on the face!) And anything with a history is worth learning about.

These are my nails. I love glitter. And purple.

Jeff Pink, founder of Orly. What a badass.


Pantone Color of the Year

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