Friday, June 22, 2012

Are your shoes true?

Happy Pride Month, everyone! I'm sure a ton of people in Portland got out for Portland Pride last weekend, and I'm sure SF Pride this weekend will be amazing. It's always great to see the support our city has for the LGBT community, not to mention the support from a certain sportswear company. Nike came out with their BE TRUE pride pack, which is currently making me drool. I'm not a sneakerhead or anything, but these shoes are amazing. When there is obvious thought and passion put into fashion, I'm all about it.

Straight from Nike: "BE TRUE 2012 celebrates the achievements of the New York City, San Francisco and Portland communities as progressive leaders of LGBT life with city-specific footwear releases and accompanying hat and tee."

The original BE TRUE line started in 1985, allowing athletes and fans to get their Dunks in any color combination they saw fit. This, obviously, is awesome. So, here, Nike has customized its own shoes to fit the LGBT community efforts in each city.

Beyond being a thoughtful fashion statement, improving LGBT relations within the sports community is VERY IMPORTANT, and Nike knows this. They even hosted a summit last weekend. The Oregonian gave a nice write up:

Sports have been a big part of my life since I was a wee one. I played soccer and basketball for countless years. I have my favorite pro-sports teams (they aren't the most popular ones, but they're mine!) But what's even more important to me than sports is compassion for humanity, and LGBT issues must be adressed in the athletic community. It's a great place to do so. A lot of Americans don't listen to politicians, but they listen to their sports stars and it could be powerful.

Without further ado, here are the snazzy sneaks.

BE TRUE Air Flytop (SF) 
BE TRUE Lunar Flow (PDX)
Soles of BE TRUE Air Royal (NYC)  

BE TRUE Air Royal (NYC)

Nike, Inc. Link:

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