Monday, May 21, 2012

Pioneering Product Designer- Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams was strongly influenced by the presence of his grandfather, a carpenter. Rams trained as an architect before joining electronics manufacture Braun in 1955. In the more than 40 years that he spent working at Braun, Dieter Rams established himself as one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century. His elegantly clear visual language not only defined product design for decades, but also our fundamental understanding of what design is and what it can and should do.

Dieter Rams created ten rules of design more than twenty years ago. Sometimes referred to as “the ten commandments,” they are just as relevant today: 

1. Good design is innovative. 
2. Good design makes a product useful. 
3. Good design is aesthetic. 
4. Good design helps a product to be understood. 
5. Good design is unobtrusive. 
6. Good design is honest.
7. Good design is durable. 
8. Good design is consistent to the last detail. 
9. Good design is environmentally friendly. 
10. Good design is as little design as possible.

Mr. Rams turns 80 today and there is a new book out that tributes his work.
Less and More elucidates the design philosophy of Dieter Rams. This new hardcover edition contains images of hundreds of Rams’s products as well as his sketches and models—from Braun stereo systems and electric shavers to the chairs and shelving systems that he created for VitsÅ“. In addition to the rich visual presentation of his designs, the book contains new texts by international design experts that explain how the work was created, describe its timeless quality, and put it into current context. In this way, the work of Dieter Rams is given a contemporary reevaluation that is especially useful in light of the rediscovery of functionalism and rationalism in today’s design. Less and More shows us the possibilities that design opens for both the manufacturer and the consumer as a means of making our lives better through attractive, functional solutions that also save resources. VIA Gestalten

Check out this great video from TV&A you'll love it!

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  1. Great piece - it's amazing how many companies today still fall foul of these 10 design commandments...the best products will appear to the consumer as though no product design was required at all!


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