Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Type of Environment

WARNING: Photo-based post ahead. If you don’t like looking at awesome things, shield your eyes! :)

It’s almost a very long weekend (3 days for us folks who get Memorial Day off). I couldn’t be more excited, and you know why? Because I’m going to Sin City this weekend for Punk Rock Bowling. I would tell you how excited I am but that would take too long. I absolutely love Las Vegas. Right down to the empty plastic liquor bottles that only add to the keenly landscaped streets. My boyfriend and I were just in Vegas in November to see Morrissey (!!!) We spent some time in old, downtown Vegas, Fremont Street, and I fell in love with my surroundings. I snapped a few photos of my favorite environmental typography. Since we’re staying on Fremont this time, I hope to find even more!

Most of us have some fascination with everything mid-century. I certainly do, a lot of it I can attribute to being so close with my grandparents. I’m a huge film nerd, and seeing remnants of Vegas’ past on Fremont Street sends me back to a certain time period in film. Have a look and see for yourself. Just be careful that you don’t fall asleep and wake up in the past.

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  1. Great pics! Have fun in Vegas. My favorite thing there is drinks in the evening at the pool at the Golden Nugget. Comfy couches and fire pits and it's not a scene although there's always something interesting happening if you like to people watch...


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