Friday, May 18, 2012

Kapow Kouture

Joss Whedon’s Avengers made a gagillion dollars ($1,042,513,047 worldwide, to be exact). The movie was absolutely awesome, as I love anything Whedon touches. Including Dollhouse. You know who else loves The Avengers? Australian fashion design duo, RomanceWasBorn. They scored an exclusive, kick-ass deal with Marvel for their 2013 Spring/Summer collection. The collection is inspired by The Avengers, and is sure to excite the myriad of Avengers (and Marvel) fans worldwide.

Costuming is obviously huge for superheroes. A costume transforms the everyday person into the superhero. Sometimes it’s full-body armor, like Tony Stark as Iron Man. Sometime’s it’s tiny cut-off Daisy Dukes and a green complexion, like Bruce Banner as the Incredible Hulk. A costume is not limited to a unitard and cape (though there’s nothing lesser about that). It’s transformative. The styles created by RomanceWasBorn are also transformative. They’re more than just a haute-couture dress. They transform the model into an amalgamation of color, texture, shape, and size all germane to The Avengers. It should be noted that the hair and make-up artistry and the runway design took a big part in creating the proper mood for the collection.

This first photo is their take on the Incredible Hulk.

The second photo is their take on Iron Man.

The third and fourth are grab-bags, faithfully representing Jack Kirby’s style.

This is a small sample of Jack Kirby's work:

On a related note, check out this eye make-up. I will probably try to do this every day from now on.

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P.S. I wrote this whole thing in Comic Sans.

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  1. Those are really beautiful interpretations of Avengers. I love the whole design.


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