Thursday, May 31, 2012

In the Mood for a Tasty Fashion Blog

It’s always awesome when an idea turns into a project that actually gets done. My good friend Jen is probably the best-dressed person I know. I love going shopping with her because she makes me try on things that I normally wouldn’t. And, of course, a day of shopping is always complemented with delicious food.

Anyway, Jen and her friend Xiang started “In the Mood for ” It’s a fashion-centric blog that is absolutely delicious. I don’t read many fashion blogs, mostly because they aren’t relevant or even accessible to me. My sense of style consists of black punk band shirts and some clean socks and underwear. Beyond that, I don’t think too much about it. But I’ve actually found myself visiting In the Mood for ♥  for inspiration. Fancy that. Jen has helped me branch out in the fashion world, so it’s only natural I’d turn to her web presence for help.

The “about” section states: This blog is a collaboration of everything we love about fashion, style, romance, and life! We hope you love what we have to share and hopefully we can show you how to find beautiful clothes without breaking the bank.

Well put. 

Here are some of my favorite photos. I even acted as a guest photographer when Jen and I went out earlier this spring. It took me a while to get a decent shot. Apparently, there’s something called “focus.” News to me.

Photo by Leonardo Hartomo

Photo by David Doan

Photo by Brennan Thome (yours truly)
Photo by Jen Au

Photo by Jen Au

Take a look at Jen and Xiang’s blog. They update frequently, always with wonderful photography. Jen is an awesome photographer so you should probably check out her blog, too:

What are your favorite fashion blogs? Are mock turtlenecks still cool?


  1. aww, glad you like our blog!

  2. She looks more beautiful than other girls. All the clothes and accessories will looks fabulous.

    Russell Solomon


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