Friday, May 11, 2012

"Excentrique" A Canopy of Rainbows!

Artist Daniel Buren has a wonderful installation exhibiting at the Grand Palais in Paris right now. He has created these giant circles of colored plastic that overlap and form a colorful canopy inside the beautiful building. Depending on the weather and light, shadows and reflections are cast to create a dynamic world of color. At night roving spotlights bounce off the panales while an on-a-loop soundtrack (of a text read in 37 different languages) ensures you won't start dancing.
"When the sun comes out, everyone is upside down,' says Buren, pointing upwards to our reflections on the circles. In the beginning, I was impressed by the building, and didn't know how to compete with its extravagance. But it's rather alienating. So I set about providing a human scale by creating a kind of shelter."

These panales come in four colours only and are assembled on site in a repeat pattern, which began alphabetically starting with b for the colour blue.  At the centre of it all are mirrored glass circles that you can walk on refelcting the roof top above which Buren has covered with intermittent blue panels.The results are simply striking. 
Via Wallpaper

Artist Daniel Buren


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