Friday, May 04, 2012

Brooklyn Nets logo is more interesting than sour cream.

So, Jay-Z. He’s the best rapper alive and also the brand new owner of the sort-of new Brooklyn Nets. I couldn’t be more excited. Seriously. I love Jay-Z and I love basketball. My heart belongs to the Portland Trail Blazers but now I may have to make room for the Brooklyn Nets.

Jay-Z aside, the Brooklyn Nets logo and new identity is what makes them a likely candidate for my second favorite NBA team. (That’s the graphic designer basketball fanatic in me speaking.) It’s unlike anything modern NBA teams and their fan-bases have seen. In fact, it seems to be so alien that many sports-news outlets are giving it more coverage than the playoffs. Some love it. Some hate it. Some think it’s just plain boring. 

The logo is an obvious throw-back. It’s old school. It’s retro. It’s perfect for the design climate and culture we are in these days. Simple. Modern. Clean. Focused. Jay-Z, who (for lack-of-better-word) created the logo, did so to reference the Brooklyn subway system and old-school signage that permeated the streets. So, if culture, sentiment and emotion are boring, well, then I suppose the Brooklyn Nets logo is as boring as sour cream.

I’m trying to figure out why people don’t like the logo. It’s not a screaming vector clusterfuck like so many of the current NBA logos (Dallas Mavericks, I am talking to you) But I suppose the majority of sports fans love that flashy-flash and don’t want to be caught dead wearing an NBA team’s t-shirt that looks like an Old Navy knock-off (according to this guy: “The whole thing feels more like an Old Navy knock-off than an NBA logo.”) I think this guy should *at least* give them the hipster-benefit-of-the-doubt, and say it falls in line with this:

So, logo design in pro sports. Does it matter if it’s trendy, timeless or tragic? The Mavs were the 2011 champs, and their logo is the butthole of NBA team logo design. The Golden State Warriors have a great classic logo, and well, they ain’t great. Sports fans aren’t going to base their favorite team off of the one with the best logo. It’s about hometown pride and tradition. However, from a design standpoint, it’s nice to see a change-up. I wonder if any other teams will follow suit.

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