Friday, April 06, 2012

Forever Scape

I just had the pleasure of meeting Vance Feldman, artist and designer of Vance Media and Forever Scape. His interactive work is amazing but his project Forever Scape really blows me away!

Forever Scape is a series 8.5x11 sheets of paper that are filled to the brim with wonderful drawings. Using ink, markers, and color pencils Vance has completed nearly 500 seamless liked pages and each piece is connected to another creating a scene that extends 60 feet longer than a football field. Amazing.
The past several hundred pages not only connect left-to-right. When squeezed down into a five-column format, it connects to form a continuous vertical image that tiles endlessly in any direction. It is an immense puzzle wrapped lovingly with satire, social commentary and savage irony—it is a psychedelic existential crisis. 
Vance has pledged to continue creating Forever Scape until he dies or...

You have to visit the site to experience Forever Scape but here's a little video too.
I love this guy.

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  1. Sweet Jesus this mural is pretty amazing. I got lost looking at just the bottom portion of his drawing. I haven't even gone through the entire thing.


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