Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All work and some play

I haven't been too active hear lately. Work is keeping me busy, that is good! I have been able to combine a little work with pleasure though. Recently I took two trips, one to San Francisco and the other to Vancouver BC, both were inspiring.

When I was in San Francisco I took a lot of pictures and visited many cool places, including stepping into a church, which I haven't done in F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I went with two of the coolest/hippest people I have ever met, my Aunt Ellen and Uncle Tom. They've been living in the same victorian, in the Mission District for over 40 years. I really admire them, one day I hope to live my life the way they do, traveling, art, yoga, food...who could ask for more? Anyway, the church architecture and decor was really beautiful. It took everything in me to not take pictures the whole time I was in there!

I also visited the Alameda Antique Fair, that was a little overwhelming, so much cool stuff. Mostly I hung out on Valencia Street and spent a little time in my other Aunt's home. She has the most amazing kitchen you have ever seen! Read more and see more pics here.

This past weekend I went to Vancouver, BC, it was my 18th anniversary married! I can't believe it's been that long..seems just like yesterday. What a beautiful city Vancouver is, and so big. I forget how little Portland really is. I looked up a friend that I met via an international moleskin exchange. We have been friends for about 3.5 years but only was great to meet him in person, I felt like we've known each other personally the whole time. Oh the internets!

Here are a few pictures from my trips..I'm ready for another one!
See more of my instagram photo's here. All taken with an iPhone 4s

Uncle Tom & Aunt Ellen's home

Textures + in San Fransisco

Vancouver BC- We ate at the famous restaurant Vij's, So good! 

Upper Left: This was a wonderful sculpture at the border, one bird fly's away. The rest of these pics are from BC and my friend Ian is the lower left and my dear husband on the right.
Aunty's Kitchen!

18 years married 20 together. He still does it for me :)

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