Thursday, March 08, 2012

Stumptown 40

Oh I'm so excited to be building a derby car for the Stumptown 40 here in Portland. I attended last year and there were some pretty cool cars..some funny ones and one disturbing one. But the event was a blast and this year Creativegirl is building a car, plus our WeMake will be doing one. If your interested in being on the WeMake team let me know soon!

It starts with a block of wood, four wheels and four axles, and ends Wednesday, May 16th in a 50-car, gravity- and alcohol-fueled double-elimination race.The Stumptown 40 is a lot like a Pinewood Derby, but instead of boys creating cars from blocks of wood, it's Portland's creative types. And instead of a church gymnasium, the Stumptown 40 will be held at Spirit of 77 (where a full bar is available). Car kits are $25 (price includes event admission). Register here. 
Some cars from last can see more here too!

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