Friday, January 27, 2012

United Bamboo Cat Calendar- Fashion for cats?...No!

Love this calendar created by Studio Lin for Bamboo, a New York and Tokyo based fashion house founded in 1998. This is there secoond annual cat calendar, featuring cats dressed in exact miniatures of their ready-to-wear collection. Each month was blind embossed for a subtle effect allowing the cats to be the main focus. On the back of each page, there is a story about each cat model. Comes in a silkscreened sleeve with foil stamped backing. Photography by Noah Sheldon. The cats are so sweet in their little cloths!

Typeface: Custom, FF Bau

Alex Lin of Studio Lin is founded his studio on a desire to explore new territory through challenging collaborations with creative visionaries in the fields of architecture, industrial design, art and fashion. Behind every Studio Lin design is a highly defined rationale but not a singular style. The common denominator is a fresh, modern sensibility that eschews the overtly trendy in favor of lasting impact

Via September Industry

Look at his face!

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  1. I had been wanting to get a clothing for my little pet. Too bad that I can't afford it. Korean style will be my inspiration for his clothes if ever I have the time to sew something cute for him. Truly love the calendar, I wonder if I can make one for my own cat? That'll be wonderful!


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