Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shopping Local for the Holidays

In the studio
I had a wonderful weekend shopping local at two pretty special events.
One was the Portland Bazaar, hosted by Grace Bonny from Design Sponge. This first time event was well received!

I bought two things for myself :) I tried not to but how could I pass on the CDock?!
This sweet little number was designed by James Sproul of Portland’s Hatched Goods and Adam Shearer, CD of Weinland Creative.
“ The iPhone is gently enclosed in a wood iPhone cover / charging station that transforms it into a mid-century bedside iPhone clock! The Cdock™ was never intended to alter the aesthetics of your iPhone, but rather to enhance the implied design elements already present. Because James and Adam use natural materials, each Cdock is unique. ”
 I love mine! And the clock app they recommend looks so mod.

Another great little present I bought was these sweet leather clutches created by Michelle Kline of XOBRUNO. I got this lovely grey one for me and a white one with gold triangles for some one else. Her bags are really quite lovely and designed with detailed craftsmanship.

After I hit the rounds of the Bazaar, I headed over to Crafty Wonderland. That was an awesome event! It took place in the Portland convention center with so many vendors, I almost got a little overwhelmed. I had to make sure I didn't just buy for myself...because really that was the perfect place to shop for me. But I was on a mission and stuck too it.  Hand made beer soap for the boys by Scrumptious Suds and even though I didn't buy the butter dish by Things Out of Stuff, I wish I would have! So weird and lovely!

That's a bleeding duck on his rump!
She makes great soap...smells so good!

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  1. Love love love the clock! I have an older iPhone though...another reason to upgrade... :)


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