Thursday, December 22, 2011

iHeart Poetics

iheart poetics is a sweet little app trying to be developed by Seth Indigo Carnes through Kickstarter. It combines words with pictures that can then be sent to anyone for instant poetic pieces of art. I like that you can start writing and add an image later, or vise versa with the intent on creating something that evokes emotion encouraging you to be poetic, even if you think you're not.
“Share and build an ongoing love note with your partner, an evolving joke about a day in the life, or write a poetry book together...the possibilities are endless.   And you can always share poetics as an image via email, MMS, Twitter, and Facebook.  ”
You can pledge for as little as $5 and receive some nice letterpress cards too!
Check out the video below to see the app concept.

iheart poetics : a visual poetry app for iPhone from Seth C on Vimeo.

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