Friday, November 04, 2011

Norwegian Wild

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre is the work of the design architect firm Snøhetta and created as an observation and informational centre to shelter school groups and other vistors during guided lectures of the Dovre Mountain Plateau. The views are just breathtaking all around and this modern structure fit's within the lanscape unobtrusively.

Dovrefjell is home to wild reindeer herds, musk oxen, arctic foxes and more, what a site it would be to see them roaming wild from within such a lovely structure.
"Natural, cultural and mythical landscape has formed the basis of the architectural idea. The building design is based on a rigid outer shell and an organic inner core. The south-facing exterior wall and the interior create a protected and warm gathering place, while still preserving the visitor’s view of the spectacular panorama."

Snøhetta Oslo integrates the disciplines of Landscape, Interior and Architectural design.

The curved wood is gorgeous!

I want to be there.
Modern meets cozy, what a great fireplace.

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