Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cardboard Heaven

Swedish artist Nina Lindgren has created some nice pieces. Cardboard Heaven makes me want to look inside every window. It's as if there might be something or someone mulling about within each of the dwellings. This cardboard sculpture isn't little either. It scales walls at a height of 450 cm / 177 inches, quite delightful.
“In relation to many of my other works the Cardboard Heaven-sculpture tells a quiet different story with much to think about: who moved out without locking the door? Who lives on the third floor? Has someone died? Who is about to be given birth? Why are there no people? Are they asleep? Or maybe - is it just a bunch of old cardboard?”

Who's in there?
In process
A perfect place to dwell.
23 windows, 1 door
19 Windows, no door

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