Friday, September 30, 2011

Pin, Circle, Stack, Tweet, Post, Blog....

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed with all these options lately? I just went to Delcious yesterday and now you can stack your links. It's pretty cool but I just can't seem to bring myself to do all this organizing and saving in so many places. I do use Delicious all-of-the-time, it's been a great book marking tool for me.

These days I'm hooked on Pinterest ! It's so instant and when I feel like I need a little creative break I go there and troll the oh so many boards. It's devine. So much stuff to be inspired by, pinned by so many differnt people. Love it.

Sure I'm still a fan of twitter and of course blogging but it's a little overwhelming with all these different venues. I tried the iGoogle thing...haven't really posted there, but I do follow some people.

And then there's Facebook. That's a tricky place for me. I feed my blog post there from here, as well as from Modern Handmades, it's a great. I like being able to share with other's that have the same interests as me. But I also use FB to keep up with what's happening with my family and friends....however, I seldom go on there for that.. I'm sorry FB, your still in my heart.

I'm curious to know, do you have these same problems? Maybe I just need to unplug a few things? Except I just got a new iPod and that brings up a whole new set of things! ...and then there's flickr and linkedin and....geez.

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  1. Hi, I just wrote about the same thing on my blog the other day. I too play with everything but have found I just need to dedicate myself to one thing. For me it is the blog, a place where I can just be myself.
    I want to understand all these other options but truthfully I found that only a few of them offer me any real value, like pininterest. I enjoy your blog, thanks for it.


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