Monday, August 08, 2011

The Social Tattoo Project

The Social Tattoo Project aims takes empathy to a permanent level. Volunteers are getting tattoos that represent world issues, however they are letting tweets decide the fate of what that art will be.
" For each tattoo, we will post 4 trending topics on Twitter, and the most tweeted trend will be the subject of the tattoo. To vote, tweet #socialtattoo and your #favorite trend of the 4 to @social_tattoo . With your vote and our volunteers’ skin, we can make what the world empathizes with today, what we care about forever."
I love tattoos but I don't know if I could let the world decide what I put on my body. It is a noble cause and hopefully they've got some killer tattoo artist doing the work. I wonder if it takes the social voting aspect a little too far? What do you think?

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  1. Hello! I just got a tattoo yesterday and guess what? It's the poverty tattoo. I decided to put them at my arms,actually this is my fifth tattoo and I really found them very artistic.


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