Monday, August 29, 2011

Linotype, The Film

"Linotype: The Film" is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler's amazing Linotype typecasting machine and the people who own and love these machines today. It's great to see all the old school folks talking about this machine and the passion they have for it.
Linotype: The Film is a feature-length documentary centered around the Linotype typecasting machine. Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Thomas Edison, the Linotype revolutionized printing and society, but very few people know about the inventor, Ottmar Mergenthaler, or his fascinating machine. The Linotype brought about a revolution in literacy and communication as dramatic as the internet today.”
 The Director, Doug Wilson has started a Kickstarter to try and get the post production work done, maybe you can help him. To read more about the film visit I Love Typography

Director & Editor: Douglas Wilson

Director of Photography: Brandon Goodwin
Audio & Sound Design: Jess Heugel
Music: Cornbelt Chorus "Drunk Hymn & Interlude"

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