Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun with Jello..and booze!

So the building my studio (The Left Bank)  is in is having a progressive party, starting at the first floor and then ending at the last floor. Luckily there is only 3 floors, but the place is filled with creatives, architects, designers and more. I'm on the 2nd floor and I share a space with an architect. The party is going to be escorted by a Pied Piper, for real. Andy, my studio partner and I decided we would do something a little different than serving beer or wine, instead I made jello shots! OK, these aren't your college days kool-aid shots in throw away cups, these are fancy shots! Awhile back I blogged about these on my other site, Modern Handmades and just had to try them.

We decided to make Cucumber Margarita shots with a Cayenne sugar dip and Blackberry Cosmo's with fresh blackberry's from my back yard and a lime zest. They both came out sooo good! I can't believe how easy they were to make too. I'm no food stylist, but I think they look pretty so I just had to share, and I needed to stop myself from eating too many shots before the party..ha ha! I got the recipes from this great site called, Jelly Shots Test Kitchen. If your looking for something with a little WOW factor for your next party, I would considering maken' shots!

Blackberry Cosmos Jello Shots
Cucumber Margarita Jello Shots

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