Saturday, July 23, 2011

Change is good, even if it cost you money!

There are a lot of changes coming soon for Cre8tivegirl! First off I finally bought the domain name (yes spelled correctly) from a squatter who has had it forever, ugh! I started using the nickname cre8tivegirl so long ago, it was different and had my favorite number, but I was young. It's not really a optimized search name and it's not spelled right! Anyway, I'm going to be changing it over with the new site and blog launch coming soon. I'll still be using the user name Cre8tivegirl throughout my social networks (twitter, etc).

Changes for the blog... OK, I am a little tech savvy but sometimes playing in the back end of blogging can be frustrating. I've realized my limitations, so I'm hiring someone to help me get this blog to a more robust site.  I've been on Blogger since 2005 it's been working for me so far but...

I've decided that I will be moving to Wordpress soon. I'm sure that will bring another set of learning's and frustrations! So stay tuned for the new blog with more bells and whistles...well maybe not that much. I'll still be writing about the same things and be bringing more value to the content.  Baby steps first.


  1. Changes are good! :)

  2. everytime I change my blog it seems a little worrisome for readers but I know that it is good for my growth as a blogger and artist. I look forward to your changes...I enjoy your site, glad you got your domain name, conc\grats.


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