Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Typographic Illusions

Really impressed with this installation by the young design student Joseph Egan out of London. By looking at the relationship between graphic design and architecture they discovered the process of anamorphosis (a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices to reconstitute an image.)  Initially inspired by the fine artist Felice Varini (who in himself does wonderful work) his team created a typographic installation within a building on the campus of Chelsea College of Art & Design.
"Our work encourages the viewer to walk into and around typography, an immersive experience considering that their usual relationship with type would normally be realised on a two dimensional surface be it printed or computerised. Being able to appreciate it physically painted onto walls of buildings which the viewers are used to interacting with every day draws attention to the beauty of typography and at same time highlighting the architectural forms that it adorns."
Very Impressive and the video really captures the process. Thanks for sharing Scott!

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  1. FUN, fun, fun site! My husband and I just got sucked in, looking at the typographical illusions, then the shiny paper/clips tunnels, then the 3D graffiti... then I tried to quit looking so I can go to bed, but wanted to drop you a line first to say thanks for taking the time to share. Very cool stuff here. (And proud to be your fellow Oregonian.)


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