Friday, April 01, 2011

A Man Named Pearl

My friend Marisa of Studio Danae told me about a wonderful and inspirational film called, A man named Pearl. So today while working (instead of rocking out) I decided to play/listen to this documentary from my instant Netflix on one screen and work on the other. It was a hard task to manage as I kept loosing myself in the story and creations about a 67 year old man from Bishopville, South Coralina.

Pearl Fryar  an extraordinary and passionate self taught artist who's topiary gardens started from throw away plants and with master skills bloomed into a magical world. He doesn't use any pesticides, or water systems and creates all of his sculptures by hand with no preliminary sketches beforehand.

The garden contains over 300 individual plants, and is a living testament to one man’s firm belief in the results of positive thinking, hard work, and perseverance, and his dedication to spreading a message of “love, peace and goodwill.  He not only cultivates his garden but he also creates whimsical garden art from found objects. A son of a sharecroppers father, Pearl is now an internationally recognized artist, a teacher and an inspiration to many.


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