Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Milk Scanner- 3D Fluid Scanning

Creating DIY 3D images is getting easier and easier and Friedrich Kirschner started his process with milk and legos. He was also featured at the Transmediale Festival this year.

"This 3D Fluid Scanning project originally started out as a 3D scanner using milk, but has since developed into many forms and sizes of capturing real world objects using all sorts of household materials. The basic idea behind this process is that you can capture the silhouette of an object easily when it is surrounded by a high contrast fluid, such as milk or ink.

By capturing the silhouette of an object at different stages of submersion, one can generate slices, that, if properly stacked together, can be interpreted as 3D data. This data can then be used in animation software or as basis for 3D printing. " Via Transmediale

To start experimenting yourself you can download the software here 


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