Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Migration of Mel & Judith

This is an amazing craft/ architectural world created inside a lampshade! Artist/architect Thomas Hillier took a lot of work putting this together.

The Migration of Mel and Judith
About the story- "Mel (short for Melvin) and Judith, a recently retired couple from Croydon who have decided to give up on their life in London’s third City and travel Europe in search of the perfect caravan spot and a touch of hot weather! As they travel the couple realise they miss the home comforts of England, especially white bread which seems impossible to get abroad. To combat thier longing they slowly adapt and customise their caravan-house to feel a little more like home. Walls of the caravan become aroma filled bricks of white bread, especially made by Mel & Judith themselves.

But the story continues, and that's where the lamp shade comes in....

"Becoming bored with Europe, Mel & Judith eventually decide to settle down to a new life in Luxor, Egypt. They now live on a small, uninhabited island situated on the River Nile, where in their weird and wonderful ‘Do-It-Yourself’ English manor Mel brews beer in his bathtub-brewery whilst Judith bakes rose-bread in the bread-garden.

So awesome!

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