Friday, September 03, 2010

The Art of Discarded Lottery Tickets

Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom are the artist duo of Ghost of Dream. They've taken thousands of discarded lottery tickets and lost hopes and turned them into amazing sculptures.

"We started to collect tons and tons and talk about what people dream about when they play the lottery. Then we did some serious research to find out what people buy when they do win the lottery.  Through our research we found that most people, after they win the lottery, the first thing they do is buy a car."

The artists specifically matched the price of the total lottery tickets used to the actual dollar value of each item (i.e. $39,000 of lottery tickets for the Hummer “Dream Car”). 

Dream Home 2009 102" high x variable dimensions, $70,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets, cardboard, foam, wood, and steel
Dream Car 2008 $39,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets, cardboard, cast plastic, wood, steel, and mirror

via Yatzer

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