Monday, August 23, 2010

Chiquita Banana Sticker Contest

If you missed your chance to design a sticker for the Chiquita Banana Sticker Contest, you can submit your votes today for those who did. Chiquita was looking to play with their brand and communicate to the under-25 crowd. They have also created a sticker tool where you can design your own sticker and submit your photos to their gallery wall. You can read more about the campaign here.

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  1. I have always admired creative people. I am so "creative-challenged." I can take nothing and make absolutely nothing out of it. But I can do it faster and cheaper than anyone else.

    Maybe that's why I like to read Cre8tive Girl. (See, even the name is creative!) I guess I'm just living vicariously through you.

    And BTW, I loved, loved, loved those interlocking wooden letters that you wrote about recently. So inventive and lovely to look at.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Kay Lorraine
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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