Friday, June 04, 2010

Too Much of A Good Thing

Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert run Design99, the Detroit-based, husband-and-wife collaborative who's vision it is to improve their neighborhood and engage their community through art and design. Their new project entitled Too Much of A Good Thing continues their exploration of art, community, architecture and spatial and social constructs. The project is centered around the Neighborhood Machine, a repurposed, freshly-painted Bobcat, part-sculpture, part-community tool. The vehicle can be hooked to a series of "project trailers," each specific to a task performed in the neighborhood: collecting found material, gardening (Design99 maintain a tree nursery in an empty lot), power generation with photovoltaics, and, of course, moving stuff around. 

The Neighborhood Machine is connected both physically and conceptually to their ongoing Power House project, a similar initiative to turn a house into both an art object and an innovative community space. Too Much of A Good Thing is currently on exhibit and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

via Core 77

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