Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling Scientific Today

Strolling etsy this morning, of course the geekery section is always a favorite of mine. Today I was drawn to Science (love that it even exists!). So I decided to make an outfit, check it out.

1. Karla Wheeler's Etched Pi Copper Cuff Bracelet is a nice accessory.
2. Custom made, Steampunk Goggle Glasses by Old Junkyard I love these Aviator Cyber Gothic Lenses for time traveling!
3. Friendship Necklace set by Molecular Muse. Can't think of a better BFF gift.
4. StarBoard Skirt by Lady Cartoonist and Sensebridge. This is pretty cool real circuit boards used!
5. Who doesn't need a Robot T? By Owlowishes
6. Rainbow Genes DNA earrings by Toutdoucement
7. A Star Trek Ring, of course! By Azuree Alice
8. Finally I need my iphone, I like this Cassette Tape holder by Crank Case.

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