Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Oh, Hello SIFF trailer

Seattle International Film Festival runs May 20- June 13 and is one of the largest film festivals in North America. Oh, Hello the Seattle based studio created the trailer for the festival as well as several bumpers. I like all the film references that are featured and how they've captured the concept in an illustrative style.

Inside Out- Go inside film, get outside yourself. Check it out

"We tried to load as many film references into the background and foreground of each scene as we could. Another call out to film fans was to try and incorporate the spirit of all these amazing film posters that fans are now drawing and posting on their flickr, deviantart, facebook, etc. Our take on that was to animate the entire spot, creating something new yet recognizable."

Production Co.: Oh, Hello
Creative directors: Dan Brown, Thai Tran
2D Animators: Dan Brown, Thai Tran, Yassir Rasan, Lee Grambush
3D Animators: Lee Grambush
Compositing: Dan Brown, Thai Tran, Lee Grambush
Rotosope and illustration: Yassir Rasan, Leslie Ann Kam
Producer: Nathan F. Barr

via motionographer

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