Monday, May 24, 2010

ART ARMY! Action Figures

Mike Leavitt has created a new line of action figures: Art Army that are hand-made and inspired by famous street artists, painters, filmmakers and musicians. Sculpted with polymer clay and mixed media 95% of the color is done by mixing pigmented clay, not paint. Hidden features are built into some figures. Most accessories are removable. And all are available to purchase.

I'de love to have these in my collection–

Artist like: Audrey Kawaski, Craola, Banskey, Cathy Olivas, Amy Sol, Ron English, Joe Sorren, Jeremy Fish and Luke Cheuh.

From Mike– "Art is boring and stuffy. I hate making normal art. I’d rather paint on anything but a canvas, and sculpt anything but objects without some juicy sort of moving parts. I’m sick of snooze-ville contemporary art and “insider joke” gags made for rich people, nerdy art historians, and the academic press. I picture my art in the living room, not the museum."


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