Friday, April 23, 2010

Metal Foliage

London based Architecture firm Tonkin Liu creates some pretty interesting things. I'm really liking the future flower– a giant metal wind- powered flower that lights up!

Future Flower is a 14 meter high, wind powered metallic flower and was designed as part of an environmental and public art program for the banks of River Mersey in
Widnes, Cheshire, UK. Around 120 steel petals are fixed onto the steel structure frame of the flower, while a central stalk with branches holds 60 low voltage LED lights.

They also designed the singing ringing tree. The tree is constructed of stacked pipes of varying lengths. As the wind passes different length pipes in different layers, the tree sings different chords. Each time you sit under the shelter of the tree you will hear a different song. You can listen to the singing ringing tree on


  1. Wow! your blog is awesome! I am now following..found you via the LinkedIn discussion about who is blogging...(visit/follow me if you like!)

    I love that you are pledged to all things handmade, and look forward to exploring every bit of your gorgeous blog..

    all best


  2. Yvonne, the singing tree is fascinating. I looked at several clips on YouTube. I have traveled England extensively but never heard of it. You can be sure that next time I am in the UK, I will travel far to see this extraordinary piece of functional artwork.

    The paper eyelashes are also pretty weird but interesting.

    Thanks for bringing this sort of functional artwork to our attention. I see that Kit has been here, too. If you haven't checked out her blog about French Provincial stylings, it's definitely worth a look.

    I cannot help but celebrate women such as you and Kit who have an eye for such artistic beauty. As someone who has no abilities in this area whatsoever, I admire your talents.

    Warmest aloha,

    Kay Lorraine
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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