Friday, January 29, 2010

Rock My World, Recycled Heart

With January coming to a close I start to think about valentines day and love and well jewelry. That's my favorite gift to get...a girl could never have enough! So I'm going to feature jewelry all month!...maybe.

I thought that this necklace was a clever idea. Jackie Kaufman of Rock My World is a jewelry caster and Designer in South Florida.

She makes her jewelry using the age old process of "Lost Wax Casting". Her pieces are carved from a piece of wax, then cast using sterling silver. The sterling silver used is "recycled" from a major jewelry firm that no longer in business. She "recycles" the silver by taking the jewelry pieces, melting them down, and repouring the silver to make new pieces.

The results, a very organic look, which means not everything is perfect and no two pieces are identical.

This heart necklace is made from yours and your mates finger prints...isn't that cool!


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