Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A recap of Alt Design Summit

Well it's Tuesday morning and I'm just now getting to this! The summit ended on Friday night so I had to spend the weekend in Park City for Sundance Film Festival, it was marvelous...more to come on that!

Anyway although the summit was entirely to short and I thought that the party should have been on Friday night, overall it was pretty good. I got a chance to meet some of my favorite blog owners like, Jean Aw of Notcot she said something that I thought was funny and so much like a designer, "Great ads are like jewelry on your website."

One of my favorite speakers at the summit was Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan co founder, interior designer, author and NY editor of Apartment Therapy, a network of blogs devoted to helping people make their homes beautiful, organized, and healthy.

He was smart, in depth and inspiring in his interview. He had stories to tell and when he spoke his answers were very thoughtful, I wish I could have listened to him for a lot longer. One thing that he said stuck with me. " We have a community and through the sharing we all learn". In his former life he was a teacher and he approaches design as a teacher. I like that. Being a creative director you have to be good at nourishing talents of the young and be open to learning each and everyday. There is no room for engrossed ego's.

All in all I left there feeling inspired and reassured that this new year would lead my blog into some alternative paths. I'm excited to get that going and can't wait to change things up! I need to hear from you though, what do you want to see more of? Do you want giveaways, how do you feel about ads?

Well here's a little something for all you designers...apparently there are rules for us!

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