Monday, December 07, 2009


Old school meets new world. Remember the Fisher Price discovery toy that used to sit in your crib? There's a prototype in development that could allow your baby to tweet non verbally with it!

 ‘Twoddler,” captures data from toddler interactions within the activity center and translates them to tweets that can be followed by the toddler’s parents; the toddler mashing the image of his mother for a predetermined amount of time might be translated to a tweet like ‘I’d like to see my mommy now.”

Twoddler emerged from a course on mobile and pervasive computing at Belgium's Hasselt University. Earlier this year, Twoddler beat out around 40 submissions for the top prize at the 09 Innovative and Creative Applications competition, where judges called it a "good, well-implemented idea, with a lot of potential that allows people/children that are not capable of verbal communication to communicate through an inventive combination of hardware and software." 

INCA Award 2009 WINNER: Twoddler from IBBT on Vimeo.

via cnet

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