Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Particularly Portland and Voodoo Donuts

So I'm fortunate to live in Portland, OR the city with so many nicknames, (Stumptown, Bridgetown, The City of Roses, Rip City, Beervana, Ptown and PDX to name a few) and I love it! There is so much to do and if your into handcrafts, beer, yoga and tattoos, well you might find Nirvana here.

The other day I had a particularly Portland day by first going to a Nia class (a combination of yoga, martial arts and dance founded in Portland) and then to Portland Poetry Slam at the Someday Lounge where I was gladly entertained by Luara Yes Yes a wonderfully funny and poetic woman. You would think with dancing and then poetry the night should end, but oh no just a few blocks down the road we headed into CC Slaughters (a gay club recommended by my straight friend who happened to be with us that night and said it was a great place to dance...uhh huh!) There was a great Drag Queen show happening instead so we stayed for a few songs before heading back out into the streets where we eventually ended up at Voodoo Donuts and the inspiration for this blog post. I couldn't really just write about Voodoo I had to color it up with all the happenings preceding it!

Anyway, Voodoo Donuts (as seen on the travel channel) is the quintessential Portlandisk place. I posted a bit about going there on Facebook and my friend Chip Morton ( a wonderfully creative chap in San Diego) was like, Voodoo Donuts? So this is for him.

Voodoo Donuts, the magics in the hole (apparently) is opened 24 hours a day and you can even get married there! Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson and Tres Shannon are the owners of this eccentric local mecca, read more about them here. All though ordering can make you blush with names like: Triple Chocolate Penetration, Butterfingering, and Cock and Balls. They also have some easy names to say too, like No Name, Dirt and Grape Ape. My all time favorite is the bacon and maple log, yum yum! They also make vegan donuts!

So if your ever in Portland, this place is a must stop but be warned there's usually a long line!

Gimme Doughnut from Magda on Vimeo.

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