Thursday, October 22, 2009

More–Inspired by Polaroid!

 Check out this new iphone app Shakeit created by Nick Sayes. It combines the slow-developing, whacked-out colors of the Polaroid with the shake-tastic abilities of the iPhone. The result is a photo that actually does develop faster if you “shake it like a Polaroid picture”.

Nick’s application takes photos from the iPhone’s camera (or on the Touch, from the picture library) and turns them into facsimiles of old instant film pictures. The photos slowly fade into view and come in three flavors, replicating famous instant emulsions.

The applications is half price now! only 99¢, and there’s also an ad-supported lite version with a single Polaroid film-type that outputs at a lower resolution.

Lately, I have been seeing lots of photos on blogs (particularly wedding and some design blogs ) that are made to look like the old 1960-70's style photo's and snapshots...hmmm, what do you think?

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