Monday, October 19, 2009

Content 9

Went to a sweet show last night in downtown Portland. Content 09 was a fashion tour of 38 of Portland's finest independent fashion and accessory designers. They took over 28 rooms on the second floor of the Ace Hotel, a swank hotel combining street culture and style.

Like artist showing in a gallery, each designer was tasked with creating installations within their room that painted a picture of their brand. Some of the artist really out did themselves. There were rooms staged with what looked like a night gone wrong, era 1920. Some where you felt you were outside wandering in a forest, and even a room with a bathtub filled with buttons and fish.

Some of my favorite designers showcasing were Emily Katz, Moonwoods (cool wooden jewelry and glasses), Sword+Fern (loved her jewlery), Heather Treadway (I loved her cloaks).

Great work Ada and How We Develop

Here's a few snapshots from some of my favorite rooms.

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