Friday, October 02, 2009

Boopsie Daisy

I'm working on a lookbook for Ninebird and came across the work of Missy Munday, a talented artist out of Canada. Of course, I found her on etsy :) Her work cracks me up! It's oozing with sweetness and just makes you smile. The saturated hues and juxtapose she creates within each of her pieces result in eye candy that pops off the page. When I checked out her flickr site I was overloaded with her whimsical imagination in such a good way. Her photographs are fun, bright and original. See for yourself.

Her shop Boopsie Mart specializes in prints, cards, dollies, buttons, magnets, plaques, mirrors, ornaments and oddments based around her irrational love of food & dolls.

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  1. How wonderfully dear & thoughtful of you Yvonne! I am sincerely so touched and honored to be mentioned here in your exquisite little corner of the world wide web! Eep! very exciting! :) Thank you ~so much~ once again!


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