Monday, September 07, 2009

Little Stitches

Cathy Cullis is a mixed media artist and poet. Exploring ideas with line, stitch and words. Inspired by personal experience, nature, art history, dreams, stories, little voices in the rain, birdsong, vintage dresses, dolls, childhood, museums, gardens, songs, patterns, memories, imaginary furniture, painting, fairytales, folk.

The raw detail in the little works of art she produces always brings a smile to my face. I love the little faces of her subjects and how she brings them to life with thimble and thread. I'm fortunate to be sharing in a moly exchange with her and can't wait to see what arrives.

Check out her shop and her blog, she does magical work.

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  1. This is truly beautiful work. WOW. Being a graphic designer i do things by use of computers, but seeing that this is done by hand inspires me.


    Keep up the great posts!


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