Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Milk and PMS, who knew?

The latest from Psyop for California Milk Processor Board has an unexpected twist - the little known fact that Milk helps to fight the symptoms of PMS and bad hair days. Check out both of these video's- Sad Princess and Medusa, told in the style of traditional fairy tales. These are great! I love the illustration and the concepts... who knew I could be fighting PMS with milk?

"When telling a story in less than 30 seconds, it is good to have a story and metaphors that is easy to get. Our stories follow the same fairy tale formula: a princess finds a savior to love and has a happily ever after ending. Our little sad princess, she is saved. Thank god for the brave prince because he is able to break the monthly curse and tame unruly hair by bringing her the Holy Grail that is the "product" (ahh advertising)."

Agency is Grupo Gallegos. Full credits, some background info from Psyop on the campaign and a selection of stills are posted here.

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