Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Motivate Creative People (Including Yourself)

Mark McGuinness- Has a new Free E book to download, How to Motivate Creative People (Including Yourself). A practical guide to getting the best out of creative people. Introduces a new model of motivation and many practical tips for inspiring people to do their best work — most of which have nothing to do with money.

We all need a little motivation once in awhile...

I pulled this from one of the pages:

What Makes Creative People Different?
We all recognize the stereotype of the creative person — brilliant, temperamental, introverted, alternately consumed with pride then racked with self-doubt. Difficult. Eccentric. Possibly mad. Psychologists have devoted enormous efforts to trying to analyze, define and measure the ‘creative personality’ — but it may interest you to know that they have not had much success.

possibly mad....:? yeah maybe

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