Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Confusion Group

One of my favorite illustrators is Eduardo Bertone from Madrid. From illustration, painting and graphic design he describes his work as, "getting fused in spontaneous, chaotic and strident way to wake up us from a sedative and superficial world. Textures and colors wrap us in the visual saturation commonly used to dazzle, creating dreams, desires and insecurity." He also is in a collaboration of illustrators called the Confusion Group.

The work they did for FEM08, a big art fair in Madrid was pretty sweet. They created a small gallery with paints and video art, an installation sculpture, called a big head with video-eyes and was also asked to create a mural painting live.

Confusion group is an art collective formed by: Martín Bochicchio, Rafael Bertone, Baltazar Rodes, Nuria Gil and Simón Rodes.

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