Friday, November 28, 2008

Random acts of a book:)

One of my favorite books is, "The Guerrilla Art Kit" by Keri Smith
I just love it! It's a little book, but it's filled with SO MUCH inspiration.
There's something about doing something so unexpected in an everyday place. Something about bringing color, inspiration and joy to someone you don't know...something about beautifying a space that may be soulless or without character, and adding a new life to it.

Here is a little blurb from the book:

Modern culture with its overwhelming wealth of advertising, mass media, and mass communication often teaches us to tune out, or disconnect, because there is a limit to how much information we can process on a given day. In many cases we have no choice about the quality or quantity of what we take in. In an urban environmental it becomes necessary to form a direct connection with the landscape, with aspects of the natural world, or with the greater community. Creating street art is one way to foster that connection.

And her site-

Possible Formats to be a guerrilla artist:

1. Sidewalk chalk
2. Sticker art
3. Flyers/posters (see "make a flyer of your day" at learningtoloveyoumore.
4. Journals (pass it on)
5. Zines
6. Object leave behinds (money, gifts, junk)
7. Notes (slogans)
8. Graffiti
9. Book inserts (library)
10. Book leave behinds (bookcrossing)
11. Letters (possibly love letters to strangers)
12. The age old 'message in a bottle', or a balloon. Or if you are really adventurous you might be drawn to carrier pigeons.

Potential Ideas for subject matter

-any form of artwork (drawings, collage, doodles, paintings)
-good luck charms
-variations on a theme
-many guerrilla artist are politically motivated and find that being anonymous allows them to be more controversial or extreme with their message. Popular with activists.


Check out her site

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