Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maya Hayuk

I like street art, especially when it's beautiful and Maya Hayuk's work is just that. It's colorful, graphic and bold. But, her thought process on starting creative work is something I wanted to share with you....

In her own words on the her creative process:

When I start a wall, I look at everything around it first. What else is visible in the space and what are the different vantage point like? How does the light change? How high up can I get and where will my painting end? In other words, how can I make the piece part of the wall rather than something stuck on the wall. Then I take into consideration how much time there is to finish and what kind of supplies I have. If the ladder's shoddy, I'm not going to try and do something that's got a lot of detail on top. I decide the color scheme based on how much paint there is and I organize what brushes go with what. It's a lot of dictation by the elements at large. Let's see...and then I just jump. I'll start with a large, loose basic shape and go from there, which acts as a kind of sketch. I stand back and wait for the wall to tell me what to do and then do it. I go thru mental convulsions, totally free falling and not having a clue what I'm doing at all, but just sort of trusting the whole process as if I'm collaborating with something outside of myself. It's only in the last few hours of work that I feel confident and bliss out, and then it's over.

Maya does walls, canvas, and video. Her work's been featured in vodka commericals for Absolute and adjoined computer laptops for Sony. She travels the world showing her colorful works on walls and canvases when she's not laying low in NYC. Below is just a small sample of the talent Maya holds and what she's creating today.

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